Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rocket Science

It was the different leaves
of a different tree
rustling in the wind
a millennium ago.

Or a millennium ahead, as if
now and then mattered.
I was the first woman
to say no, or not, as if

refusing to be property
set some kind of record.
This is my story of yes,
of laying myself down,

on my cushion of gathered moss.
Of laying myself
between earth and sky,
while a swell of crickets

kissed the breeze around us.
Our hearts fluttered with the rise
of a second swell and soared
with the music of different birds

in the different bushes nearby.
To this man I did say yes,
yes, as his breath feathered my thighs.
Hunting by scent, arriving at the crack

of my dawning,
of his awakening
into a different time
of manhood and glory.

Coming together at a bonfire
of young memory,
the fluid crescendo of
our rocket works,

forgetting she who I alone will deliver
though she will one day launch
poems to the stars,
We sang to each other.

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