Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Health Care Fight Isn't Over

The May 23rd issue of People's Weekly World came in the mail today. "Public option is 'core fight' in health reform battle," announced the headline on the lead story. Well, quelle surprise!

I thought the fight for a public insurance plan was all but over. That, I suppose is because I have become a consumer of primarily mainstream versions of the news. I read Washington Post. I catch a little CNN and clearly not enough Daily Show. And, I'm thinking as a direct consequence of where I get my news, I had come to believe that the stars (and the lobbyists and the insurance companies and the Republicans and the privileged few who don't care what they have to pay to get decent medical coverage) were lined up against a public plan (government-operated health care coverage) and that said public plan was therefore doomed.

But it's not doomed. According to PWW (here's a link to one Weekly World article) the fight for a public plan ain't over. That's great news and, unsurprisingly, not clearly the case in the sources I've been relying on for most of my news. I should be ashamed, but more to the point, we still have a chance to pass health care legislation that includes a public plan. Now, better informed as I am, what am I gonna do about it?

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