Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Even Narrators Must Engage

A great voyager’s soul,
an incomparable gift.
Cling, if you will, to a version of yourself,
all tenacity and unsated desire.

But narrator, depart. Follow the path of power
to heal, power to enrich,
the explosive power to awaken the heart,
the wondrous possibility of no return.

This journey trembles with such power,
beckons with emphatic gestures,
scatters gleaming dust and small gems.
Wrap your strong arms around these riches.

Check the list of recommended strengths
passion, dispassion, agility, balance, presence.
All important. A capacity for delusion
appears there, follows

an affinity for stillness,
precedes tender regard
for homebodies and a green thumb
for memory's cultivars. A list with no end.

Deficits attend the beginning,
fears plague the interim,
defeats close the journey,
but, man, what a ride. And this peace.

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    This really isn't a public comment but I presume you can remove it.

    Our old friend Fred C is at St Joes in AA awaiting bypass surgery. His daughter asked that I spread the word & I figured you might want to know.

    Jeff Ditz