Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Vine’s Life

I wrote the first draft of this poem about 18 months ago, I think. Believe me, it was a lot worse then. Read this aloud. Embrace your inner vine.

Dieing back each winter
finishes the to-do list
for a never complain
never explain sort of vine
Come spring
every bud competes
as though a part of some different vine
These are my children

Buds reach
purposefully wander
further stay
in touch please
Even urgent messages
Water more water
Will do
Out here the speedway fence
other buds raced
last sunny weather and warmth

I cramp and have
no mouth to gasp
And I grasp
Every ounce of belief
Every inch of homesteaded fence
A prayer to my roots
Reborn in soil

I am I am I am
Bud this year’s life
Next year’s dream
connection to home
where the love
comes from
Who says it’s hard

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