Monday, December 8, 2008

Poem for Language Experts

Poem for Language Experts

You say, ding-dong.
I say, pooh-pooh.
Ta-ta, you shout.
Yo-he-ho, I sing.

Arf, arf, you bark.
And then, bow-wow.
Grrr, I growl.
Cuckoo, you tease.

Stones, I throw.
Down, you fall.
Hop, I dance. Hop hop away.
Sneak and slither, you creep behind.

Then bam and down I fall.
Ouch, I yell.
Ha-ha, you laugh.
Boohoo, I cry.

Blood, I show.
Sorry, you shrug.
Me, too, I mug.
Happy, we hug.

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