Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shock & Awe

When I try on another soul
When I lay this body down
When I leave this shell behind
Then I sigh—I sigh with memory

Then I was a gifted sprite
Then I was a fearless thing
Then I was a winsome soul
When I was his wanton wish

Before I was a questing call
Before I was a potent dream
Before I journeyed wildly
Now I am with memories

Now I am with no regrets
Now I am past seeds and flowers
Now I savor scents and echoes
Before I saw this coming

I planned for loving
I planned for fruiting
I planned for ripening
I shocked myself with age

I shocked with warrior words
I shocked with tumult
I shocked with joy
I planned with unexpected cunning

I leapt at life
I leapt at love
I shadowed crowds and lonely voyages
I relished most my bleeding

I relished rampant children
I relished the vigorous climb
I relished the touch of patriarchs
I leapt each awe-filled day

I sigh—I sigh with memory
I mask myself in mourning
I am nova now and burning
And leap, as I expected, to greet for her good-bye

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